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Yes, it’s the new year! What have you written?


Ugh! So, yea…nothing. Nothing has been written these past couple of weeks, unless you count transcripts of which I have done a few. But fiction? No. However, I am constantly writing down inspirational events, sayings, ideas and I have two projects already planned for when I start writing again (which I hope will be in the next few weeks after I finish an editing job I am currently doing).

I was adding some new books to my kindle recently and realised that I had not read anything lately. Last book I read was The Kite Runner around October/November 2014 and of course I loved it! I attempted another book but because I am now primed to be the automatic editor (thanks MFA), I couldn’t go past the first few pages. It was that hard, but maybe I might give it another chance. I am not going to say what the book was (for obvious reasons), but I definitely would give it another go. Will let you guys know what I get into.

What books have you read lately? Do share some suggestions. 🙂

Christmas/ Write-mas/ Read-mas 2014


So, it will be Christmas in about a week and I am here sitting and thinking about my next project. I recently found some old scripts (8 in all) from about 7 years ago when I had a fancy thought about becoming a scriptwriter for a television series. I think my idea is still good, although I am yet to read the scripts over with my new-found ability of editing while I read. I automatically find myself critiquing all writing; even captions online!

I am preparing to be completely blown away, and not in a good way, considering how much my writing has improved through the years. I am prepared as well to at least still find a ‘diamond in the rough’ that I can work with to produce something wonderful.

I don’t actually know who I would market it to seeing as our local film and television industry is…well…let’s just say, we aren’t Hollywood/Bollywood or Nollywood by any stretch of the imagination. We have wonderfully talented screenwriters, actors, producers and directors but the industry is simply not there…but I digress. This blog post was supposed to be about Christmas. 🙂

So, tell me, what are your writing goals this Christmas, what do you plan to read? Anything that you are willing to share? I am between books right now and would love a good book suggestion.

Maybe I might just ‘rummage’ around in my kindle and find something super awesome. I am very interested in kindle authors who are new to this like myself. There are so many and I am sure feedback from others will be welcomed and definitely go a long way.

Merry, Merry Christmas everyone! I do hope Santa brings you everything that you wish for, and if you don’t much care for the fat, judgemental guy, I hope Jesus/God blesses you richly.

How a Christmas Tree should really look

How a Christmas Tree should really look