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Poetry and update on future projects


So, finally! It has been a long time since I have updated this blog and a lot of things have been happening. Since my last post I have been completely immersed in my MFA programme. I am now on the tail-end of my thesis manuscript (a collection of stories). They are currently being reviewed by my awesome supervisor and I am waiting and hoping that there are not that many changes to be made so I can go ahead and submit!

It has been a long and arduous road but I can only see awesome things in my future. 🙂

But, hold the phone, I have great news! My collection of poetry that I was working on before I got accepted to my programme is available on Amazon for Kindle. I am so happy that I was able to get through the hard task of editing and publishing for myself. It makes me proud to see my work available for others to read and review, so please take a gander over to Amazon and check out my kindle book, Beneath My Skin and give an honest review.

Here is the link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EELXK8U

Book cover of my collection.

Book Cover

I am now working on trying to get it into hardcopy for those not on the Kindle bandwagon so when that time comes I will definitely update.

Hopefully, now that I am on the hopeful end of my programme I will definitely have time to update this blog more often. yay!

Editing finally finished-Poetry collection


Whew! So i did not know it would take this long to edit a collection of poetry, but juggling that and work ended up making this task a longer one than I thought. Anyways, it is finally over and now the search for the appropriate cover art is on. To Google!! This is just to give me ideas of cover art that would fit closely to the name of the collection would be, and from there I would get someone to design.

When cover is done then I think the first place I will put my book up is on Amazon, for the Kindle option as well as Lulu.com so I can have hard copy options made on demand 🙂

Finally a dream is closer.

Darkness Beckoning


In her beloved’s arms she lies


In her mind she considers the face of another.

She wonders of His kiss,

She longs for His hands to caress her body.

Her mind, restless with the thoughts of another.

She loves the one she is with,

But lusts for the one she never had.

Their affection unconsidered she wishes to awaken as she lies in the arms of her beloved.

Her beloved, the result of prayers answered,

Her beloved so devoted, so single-minded in his love for her.

Her beloved so contented next to her.

Her beloved.

She lays restless in his arms; never showing it

She lies next to him as the darkness of lust beckons.

Beckons and tempts her to fulfill her desires.

Her desires ignited by the sight of Him.

As the darkness beckons her reservations die,

Tear drop by teardrop.

As they hit her heart and make a hollow sound-


She decides and takes the plunge

Into the darkness beyond the light of love

And leaves behind a shell that rests in the arms of her beloved.



I yearn, I crave

For the sweetness of your kiss

For your arms sweet embrace-

Your hands sweet caress.

I yearn, I crave

For all of you I cannot have.

You, who belong to another,

I yearn; I crave, for you.

I look into the looking glass and wonder

Will I alone be looking at my own reflection?


Is this the destiny I have chosen?

Or is it chosen for me?

Am I destined,

To yearn

To crave

Always for you?

Or is there a glimmer of hope-

That silver lining, that place,

Where I will feel the sweetness of your embrace

Taste the honey of your lips.

Where I will no longer





I yearn to jump and end it all.

I long to stand and stare,

Out at the emptiness before me

And bid it all goodbye.

To jump and kiss the sky;

For once feeling a closeness to the earth.

To fall and embrace death.

Elusive death.

Or is it?

Why so forbidden by mere mortals

To be greeted, embraced, longed for?


I yearn to jump and end it all

For life seems to be going downhill.

Why not follow it, and maybe–

Embrace life in death.