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Beneath my Skin-Poetry collection coming soon


I have been working long and hard trying to get my collection of poetry ready for self publishing. Yes, I said self-publishing. I am taking the ‘easy’ way out for this because I have in fact shopped the collection around for a couple years with no taker. Apparently people are not buying poetry much anymore and unless you are established like say Derek Walcott, no publishing house would give you a moment of their time.

Anyways, after looking at the collection day in, and day out I decided what the hell? What could it hurt? So, I have embarked on the adventure of self publishing. I hope this should give me renewed motivation to shop around my other writing. It is a hard world out there, but I won’t let them kill my dream.

Next up, cover design…hmmm










I want you so bad it hurts.

I had one taste, just one, and now I am hooked.

But I must get out or I will pay the consequences I must get out

Because love is stronger than lust when time is brought into the equation,

Lust is stronger when chemistry is in the mix.

Your lips, your tongue, I wish to caress my skin; to explore my insides, outside…

Your touch so soft I wish to feel-hard, tender.

You are inside me and I moan for more, I want you there forever.

But no. I cannot because I love another

I just want, yearn, crave for your body like no other

Tension in my loins does not abate, but grows stronger with every breath

Each dream I have of you seems larger than life.

I love another truly, but I desire you.

Tell me your dreams


Tell me your dreams,

Reveal to me all.

I look into your eyes;

And see love.

I touch you, and I feel love

You whisper, and I hear love.

You hold me, and it is like a ship coming to harbour

Your arms-the very wings of an angel.

Is this life itself?

This love I feel?

Or is there more?

I can live, being yours, Being in your dreams.

So Tell me your dreams,

Reveal to me all.



Your lips I crave to envelop mine

I long for your sweetness to flow into me,

To fill me with warmth never felt.

I long for your arms to cover me with the love of you.

Our hearts to beat as one as we hold each other.

We are one.

Your voice flows like treacle and is as sweet as honey.

My ears rejoice as I hear the music of your laughter

The joy that comes from your heart.

I wish to be yours, yours forever.

Darkness Beckoning


In her beloved’s arms she lies


In her mind she considers the face of another.

She wonders of His kiss,

She longs for His hands to caress her body.

Her mind, restless with the thoughts of another.

She loves the one she is with,

But lusts for the one she never had.

Their affection unconsidered she wishes to awaken as she lies in the arms of her beloved.

Her beloved, the result of prayers answered,

Her beloved so devoted, so single-minded in his love for her.

Her beloved so contented next to her.

Her beloved.

She lays restless in his arms; never showing it

She lies next to him as the darkness of lust beckons.

Beckons and tempts her to fulfill her desires.

Her desires ignited by the sight of Him.

As the darkness beckons her reservations die,

Tear drop by teardrop.

As they hit her heart and make a hollow sound-


She decides and takes the plunge

Into the darkness beyond the light of love

And leaves behind a shell that rests in the arms of her beloved.



I yearn, I crave

For the sweetness of your kiss

For your arms sweet embrace-

Your hands sweet caress.

I yearn, I crave

For all of you I cannot have.

You, who belong to another,

I yearn; I crave, for you.

I look into the looking glass and wonder

Will I alone be looking at my own reflection?


Is this the destiny I have chosen?

Or is it chosen for me?

Am I destined,

To yearn

To crave

Always for you?

Or is there a glimmer of hope-

That silver lining, that place,

Where I will feel the sweetness of your embrace

Taste the honey of your lips.

Where I will no longer





I yearn to jump and end it all.

I long to stand and stare,

Out at the emptiness before me

And bid it all goodbye.

To jump and kiss the sky;

For once feeling a closeness to the earth.

To fall and embrace death.

Elusive death.

Or is it?

Why so forbidden by mere mortals

To be greeted, embraced, longed for?


I yearn to jump and end it all

For life seems to be going downhill.

Why not follow it, and maybe–

Embrace life in death.