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Yes, it’s the new year! What have you written?


Ugh! So, yea…nothing. Nothing has been written these past couple of weeks, unless you count transcripts of which I have done a few. But fiction? No. However, I am constantly writing down inspirational events, sayings, ideas and I have two projects already planned for when I start writing again (which I hope will be in the next few weeks after I finish an editing job I am currently doing).

I was adding some new books to my kindle recently and realised that I had not read anything lately. Last book I read was The Kite Runner around October/November 2014 and of course I loved it! I attempted another book but because I am now primed to be the automatic editor (thanks MFA), I couldn’t go past the first few pages. It was that hard, but maybe I might give it another chance. I am not going to say what the book was (for obvious reasons), but I definitely would give it another go. Will let you guys know what I get into.

What books have you read lately? Do share some suggestions. 🙂

Tis the season


So it’s the christmas season and I’m supposed to be in this wonderful christmas spirit, but so far…nothing. Four days till the day and I am just plain ole tired…

Anyways about the book…well I sorta gave up and made it into a short story…it was kinda going nowhere and it seemed to want to be a short story, so I made it just that. I have been reviewing my short stories lately, making edits and grammar checks and putting them together so some lucky person can read. That is the part that turns my stomach into knots, getting someone to read my work. I have always liked writing, but there has always been this small silent voice in the back of my head telling me that nothing I write is any good…issues I guess I need to deal with sooner rather than later considering that I am in the midst of applying to do an MFA next year. I do hope that I find my calling, especially genre wise and soon I hope to see my work in print (published print that is).

So I am plodding along, writing wise, but I’ve got the christmas drama handled…wish me luck on getting through the season and getting some inspiration for my writing! See you guys next year! 2011 here I come!!

It continues…


It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog-got some time on my hands today and I said to myself, ‘why not’, so here goes.

The book is coming along…I got stuck a couple of weeks ago, but I unstuck myself with a neat trick of writing around the ‘main event/climax’ of the book-that chapter came flying out of my hands like magic in about a couple of hours… all 2954 words of it :).  I am proud, I must say that :D.

I am presently up to about 22 pages-not a lot compared to someone like Steven King (the master himself)- but good enough for someone who schedules it for the free time I have after my twice-weekly aqua-aerobics class. Its monumental! Of course I could write more, but if you ask anyone who writes, you will know that sometimes time on your hands is not all that’s important for writing, but the mood and setting and that one thing that makes the space comfortable.

I read an article once about the queer practices of writers the special ‘writing hats’, the special pen, paper, ink, typewriter everything that they need to make the space just ‘right’. Well for me, I need a laptop, a comfortable seat and background noise-so, on my bed with some music playing; at my table with the television on low, will suit me just fine. I found out a while ago I can’t write at my desktop, or at most desktops in fact don’t ask me why it’s just strange. So keep your finger’s crossed for me and hope that I will have more time as well as be in the right mood and inspired all at the same time!

I won’t tell you what the darn thing is about just yet so don’t ask. There is a lot  more pages, a lot more chapters to go, so here I go once again-merrily on my way to writing another 22(lets hope more) pages. 😀

Finally I have begun :)


Its been a long time since I posted anything, but some great things have been happening! Well…namely one great thing-I have finally done up the template for my first novel and plan to put aside at least an hour a day to do it.  This is big for me because I have been speaking of writing a novel for a while and have not gotten the time to even begin it- I  have  never been at a loss for ideas though, which is good since now I have a wealth of ideas to pull from now as I have started the process.

So I will keep you all posted as to the progress of my new novel and when I reveal its title. I am so excited!! I do hope that all goes well and this book is well received. 🙂 Talk to you guys later!