Beneath my Skin-Poetry collection coming soon


I have been working long and hard trying to get my collection of poetry ready for self publishing. Yes, I said self-publishing. I am taking the ‘easy’ way out for this because I have in fact shopped the collection around for a couple years with no taker. Apparently people are not buying poetry much anymore and unless you are established like say Derek Walcott, no publishing house would give you a moment of their time.

Anyways, after looking at the collection day in, and day out I decided what the hell? What could it hurt? So, I have embarked on the adventure of self publishing. I hope this should give me renewed motivation to shop around my other writing. It is a hard world out there, but I won’t let them kill my dream.

Next up, cover design…hmmm


About Omegadenyse

This blog is mainly about my writing and my motivation to become a published author. I will share samples of what I write - poetry, articles, short stories so you can get an idea of what I do as well as my thoughts on my journey. Feel free to pass by and comment, share the love and even give me a critique or two.

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