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I want you so bad it hurts.

I had one taste, just one, and now I am hooked.

But I must get out or I will pay the consequences I must get out

Because love is stronger than lust when time is brought into the equation,

Lust is stronger when chemistry is in the mix.

Your lips, your tongue, I wish to caress my skin; to explore my insides, outside…

Your touch so soft I wish to feel-hard, tender.

You are inside me and I moan for more, I want you there forever.

But no. I cannot because I love another

I just want, yearn, crave for your body like no other

Tension in my loins does not abate, but grows stronger with every breath

Each dream I have of you seems larger than life.

I love another truly, but I desire you.

Tell me your dreams


Tell me your dreams,

Reveal to me all.

I look into your eyes;

And see love.

I touch you, and I feel love

You whisper, and I hear love.

You hold me, and it is like a ship coming to harbour

Your arms-the very wings of an angel.

Is this life itself?

This love I feel?

Or is there more?

I can live, being yours, Being in your dreams.

So Tell me your dreams,

Reveal to me all.



Your lips I crave to envelop mine

I long for your sweetness to flow into me,

To fill me with warmth never felt.

I long for your arms to cover me with the love of you.

Our hearts to beat as one as we hold each other.

We are one.

Your voice flows like treacle and is as sweet as honey.

My ears rejoice as I hear the music of your laughter

The joy that comes from your heart.

I wish to be yours, yours forever.

Tis the season


So it’s the christmas season and I’m supposed to be in this wonderful christmas spirit, but so far…nothing. Four days till the day and I am just plain ole tired…

Anyways about the book…well I sorta gave up and made it into a short story…it was kinda going nowhere and it seemed to want to be a short story, so I made it just that. I have been reviewing my short stories lately, making edits and grammar checks and putting them together so some lucky person can read. That is the part that turns my stomach into knots, getting someone to read my work. I have always liked writing, but there has always been this small silent voice in the back of my head telling me that nothing I write is any good…issues I guess I need to deal with sooner rather than later considering that I am in the midst of applying to do an MFA next year. I do hope that I find my calling, especially genre wise and soon I hope to see my work in print (published print that is).

So I am plodding along, writing wise, but I’ve got the christmas drama handled…wish me luck on getting through the season and getting some inspiration for my writing! See you guys next year! 2011 here I come!!