Monthly Archives: March 2010

Darkness Beckoning


In her beloved’s arms she lies


In her mind she considers the face of another.

She wonders of His kiss,

She longs for His hands to caress her body.

Her mind, restless with the thoughts of another.

She loves the one she is with,

But lusts for the one she never had.

Their affection unconsidered she wishes to awaken as she lies in the arms of her beloved.

Her beloved, the result of prayers answered,

Her beloved so devoted, so single-minded in his love for her.

Her beloved so contented next to her.

Her beloved.

She lays restless in his arms; never showing it

She lies next to him as the darkness of lust beckons.

Beckons and tempts her to fulfill her desires.

Her desires ignited by the sight of Him.

As the darkness beckons her reservations die,

Tear drop by teardrop.

As they hit her heart and make a hollow sound-


She decides and takes the plunge

Into the darkness beyond the light of love

And leaves behind a shell that rests in the arms of her beloved.



I yearn, I crave

For the sweetness of your kiss

For your arms sweet embrace-

Your hands sweet caress.

I yearn, I crave

For all of you I cannot have.

You, who belong to another,

I yearn; I crave, for you.

I look into the looking glass and wonder

Will I alone be looking at my own reflection?


Is this the destiny I have chosen?

Or is it chosen for me?

Am I destined,

To yearn

To crave

Always for you?

Or is there a glimmer of hope-

That silver lining, that place,

Where I will feel the sweetness of your embrace

Taste the honey of your lips.

Where I will no longer